time at Calleva today! It was the perfect way to spend our last field trip of the year together after so many wonderful memories.  Calleva staff were so welcoming, leading us in a service learning project, rails challenge, and zip line experience.  Some of our best qualities came out including team work, problem solving, communication, positivity, and determination. We wish that everyone at our school could share in such an incredible experience.  This is definitely a trip we will never forget! 


Oscar Ascencio
05/24/2013 6:34am

This is one of my favorite fieldtrips because there was a lot of fun activities and I loved the Rail Challenge activity because it teached me to work together and we don't need to speak to communicate, but also there was a lot of nice and respectful staff members that prepared all of the activities for us the students. Thank You, Calleva!

05/24/2013 7:01am

I liked when they had a sign saying for us saying,"welcome Paul pcs." It made me feel like they really wanted us here so that allowed me to have fun in calleva.

yamileth benitez
05/24/2013 7:20am

this is was my favorite field trips because we work together we had so much fun! my favorite activity was the zip line it was so fun I was scared but then my friend was supported me like "go yamileth you can do this!" I was so happy how your friends can feel you better when you going to do something scared! but it was so fun because we had a day that we never going to forget! thanks you to ms.venti because if she not be so nice with as we not going to have a nice day together and not we going to work together like we work. and more thank you to CALLEVA!!!!!

05/24/2013 7:28am

Calleva field trip is one of my favorite trip this school year. Going to the zip line was my favorite, having to see others going to the other side of forests was nice. Even though some of us are afraid to do it at least they tried it. Cooperating in the group is the best way to succeed in the obstacles. Also keeping our earth clean and green will really help us to survive in life. Thank you Calleva!!!

05/24/2013 7:38am

At first i thought calleva was going to be boring, but when we get there it was very easy to lose my self in the activity's. they kept my interest from beaging to end. I just had a great time!!!

yamilet arnos arias
06/03/2013 6:22am

Calleva was my favorite field trip. I went on the zip line first. I was scared but when I finished I was happy. I liked the rails because we helped each other.


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