What an AMAZING show!!! Whether it was the acrobatic fairies, the lovers' mud fight, the shameless Bottom, or the mischievous Puck, we were thoroughly entertained the entire 2 hrs and 45 minutes of the play, and I often found myself wishing it would never end.  At the end of the play the actors came out, and we were able to ask them questions.  It was incredible to hear their thoughts about acting, performing Shakespeare, and their preparations for each show.  Two hundred people worked to make the show such a success.  We see the actors but there are just as many people working behind stage, not to mention the costume and set designers, publicists, and of course, the very talented director.  This was a truly delightful mind vacation into a purely magical world.


05/24/2013 7:36am

Midsummer Night's Dream is one of the best Shakespeare play I've seen. It is a funny play, especially Puck the one who played Puck in the Midsummer Night's Dream. He also played on the other play that I saw when I was in eighth grade. It is funny that I saw a lot of familiar faces in the theatre on different plays.


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