After creating tableaux statues of the main scenes from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and comparing the characters and plot to A Midsummer Night's Dream, it was great to see all of the action play out on the stage at the Folger, where we not so long ago performed! Favorites included the opening scene where the lights and sound effects simulated a storm and sinking ship, Feste's music and hat tricks, Malvolio's yellow stockings, and Viola's strength of character.  The cast did a great job interacting with the audience, and we learned a lot by the talk back after the show.  


05/13/2013 6:48am

Twelfth Night was a wonderful play to see! The way the actors showed their characters was amazing. I had a great time seeing it!

Aleka Sobredo
05/24/2013 6:47am

Twelfth Night was a really good play. It so much fun to watch. At first I didnt know about the play and at first i thought that it was going to be dramatic, But it iturned out as a funny play and Im gald i can get to see it. Thank you Ms. Venti

05/24/2013 7:06am

Twelfth night was a fun and funny play to see. I was looking forward on watching it since we saw mid summer night stream i started to love watching Shakespeare so watching it was a pleasure. I LOVED IT


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