Students should be SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of their Romeo and Juliet performance at the Folger Shakespeare Festival on March 19th.  Of the 8 schools participating, we were one of only two middle schools representing in the high school crowd.  Most schools were from Virginia and all schools had strong theater programs and backgrounds.  Despite the fact our Paul scholars were the only class of English Language Learners presenting, we definitely had the most interactive screenplay that had the audience laughing and grooving along on many occasions.  Highlights included our use of the vampire/Capulets and werewolf/Montague theme which added some very fun bits for howling, licking blood off swords, and grooving to "Off with your head" by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.  I couldn't really help but let a few tears slip past as Romeo and Juliet laid dead, their families surrounding them, as Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" played.  
Congratulations to Eleni Hailu for winning the "Owning it" award, John Helton Sanchez for the "Double character" award, Emmanuel Arno Cuevas for the "Stage presence" award and Daisy Gonzalez, Asenat Bokretzion, Cristian Carballo, Eleni Hailu, and Pedro Ramirez for the "Stage combat fight sequence" award.  Special thanks goes out to Vanessa Akah and Karen Martinez for interpreting their roles as Lady Caplet and Nurse and Inmar Cruz and Nancy Reyes for staring as Romeo and Juliet and delivering a fantastic performance.


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