I am so proud of this video! When presented with the option of a video project, 7th and 8th graders chose to make a music video using Paramore's "Now" as a guide.  In the video, a young woman walks through a battlefield, only to hug her nemesis at the end and bring a close to the conflict with peace.  We decided the battlefield was a metaphor so we set our video at school with the main protagonist walking through the school grounds witnessing the "battles" an average teen might encounter on a daily basis. Themes include: fighting, weapons/bag checks, drugs, gossip, theft, pregnancy, and bullying. 
We presented our video to 6th grade scholars who are currently studying bullying.  Students led a seminar for the 6th graders which included: an introduction, a discussion of the battlefield metaphor, a brainstorming session of challenges teens face, and a scenario problem/solution protocol.  The 6th graders loved having the chance to act and work with the older students (who were great role models for them)! Check out the original Paramore video and then our remake in order to fully understand our concept.


05/13/2013 6:59am

Working with the 6th graders really showed me how divide our school is. I got to work with kids that are younger then me and really enjoyed it. I feel proud of the video we made and all the hard work paid off!

05/24/2013 7:17am

I loved the video it was good and i liked the way you guys made it similar to the video in your own way.


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