What a great trip! Despite our bus not arriving on Thursday, all was forgotten on Friday as we had another pizza dinner and then headed out to "GET SPOOKED" at Markoff's Haunted Forest.  A great time was had by all.  There were no tears this time, (LOL Nanci and Daisy) but there were still definitely a lot of screams of terror! A group of 8th graders and their mothers from Poolseville, MD sponsored us to not only enter the forest, but also to take part in a variety of circle activities.  Some of us were brave enough to do the zip line! It was a great evening not only filled with tricks, but also with goodie bags filled with sweet


05/24/2013 6:59am

The hunted forest was so amazing. we all had a lot of fun even though it was a little scary:D

05/24/2013 7:22am

The Markoff's Hunted Forests is the best, even though it is a little bit scary. While we are still in the line while waiting for our turn to go in; in the forests we are already nervous. We are asking each other, are you afraid? Are you ready? Then all of us are laughing at each other, putting our fears away, but it didn't work out. When we started to go inside I started to feel somebody's cold hand. Going to the hunted forests is the best, not only it is my first time to go there but having to see and hear others screaming is really the best. Which means they are either scared or enjoying the field trip.

yamileth benitez
05/24/2013 7:34am

this is was another of my favorites field trip because we had a lot of fun, we was the first field that we had together and we was so scared but we had fun together, we laugh together i was so scared but my friends was supported me always, we was supported each other like family I never gonna forget that day!! because that day we know each other because we was started the year in this school! and some people was new in this school like me.. but everybody is nice in this school... THANK YOU TO MY FRIENDS!!!


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