Although for many of us this was our first or second time ice skating, we tackled the ice with much success.  Some of us had no fear while others had a deathlike grip on the railing, only to gradually let go as confidence grew.  Everyone who gave it a try with their whole heart should feel very proud of themselves! I sure do! To top off our ice skating adventure a trip to Starbucks was much enjoyed by all!


05/24/2013 7:47am

I loved ice skating it was so much fun we get to learn how to ice skate even though we fell we got back up and we had fun and learned not to give up and have fun.

rosalie lopez
06/03/2013 6:14am

i liked Ice skating. My friends Yamilet and Emmanuel helped me because I was scared. They walked on the ice with me. Yamilet said "let's go and don't think about falling." Emmanuel said "you can do it." They made me feel happy and less scared. I want ice skating for the first time.


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