What a beautiful day we had at the Heifer
Global Village!
Focusing on the Guatemalan village was a great way to start off Hispanic Heritage Month and our unit Roots: How our cultural "roots" influence who we are.  Whether Guatemalan, Salvadorian, Filipino, Ethiopian, Cameroonian, etc. we can learn a lot about our own culture and the culture of others by looking at how a culture's beliefs and values can be shown through its housing, games, food and food preparation, music, etc.  I personally enjoyed seeing what serious chefs many of us are and how the older students are already big sisters for the younger students.  It was great seeing everyone work together in such a positive and productive way! =)


Maria Jimenez
05/24/2013 7:39am

This was the first field trip that really got all of us closer. Before this field trip we didn't really talk with each other, but after this field trip, all kinds of bond with each other started to appear as we got to know each other while having tons of fun!


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