Seeing Andres Wood’s film Machuca at the AFI was a great way to wrap up our Revolutions unit.

After studying the history of U.S./Latin American relations during the Cold War on a grand scale, it was very interesting to see the drama play out in the relationship of two very different boys, Gonzalo (wealthy) and Machuca (poor).  Their friendship was definitely tested as the tension between social classes grew and reached a boiling point with the U.S. backed takeover of the Allende government.

I was very impressed with the discussions we had in class debriefing the film, just as I am with the the 2-3 page essays on how U.S. society relates to our dystopian novels.  We are bringing in the new year with lots of creative, analytical thinking!

I am excited to discuss the connections we will observe in Machuca and The House of Spirits which we will see February 8th!


05/24/2013 7:51am

this trip was fun when we got to watch machuca and it was a interesting movie for me we learned about the immigration about how the citizens did not want the illegal immigrants in the country so they killed them and that was the very sad part but other than that i loved it. THANK U MS.VENTI


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