We really enjoyed having Eva from the Shakespeare Theatre in our class today.  She was very impressed by how much the students already knew about the characters and complicated plot.  She led us in a silent scene version of the play, and we added dialogue throughout.  It was very enjoyable seeing the students act out the roles of the mechanicals, lovers, royal court, and fairies.  I am amazed everyone could keep straight who loves who during all of the fairy's mischief in the forest. 
After the 9th grade workshop we had time to play around with Shakespeare's language having a compliment and insult face off.  Congratulations to Jimena for having the best compliments and Kiana for the best insults!
After the 7/8 grade workshop we divided into groups and created a logo, motto, and commercial to advertise a Midsummer's based on a specific character group.  The fairy and lovers commercials were rocking!
We are totally ready to see the performance next Thursday. 


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