It is a bit difficult to see the signs, but students created this "our trip in 3 words" video to thank Calleva for another awesome service learning experience! The first clip is at the eco mural we painted 3 years ago.  The signs say, "We give hope." We chose this phrasing and to shoot in front of the mural because when we did this mural project many members of the community told us we gave them hope, knowing that the younger generation cared about the environment and their community.  At Calleva, we did a service learning project and worked hard to tend to its lovely garden.  The second message says, "Digging our dreams." We chose to shoot this near the pollinator garden we just created during Earth Day 2013 because we had a dream and made it happen.  Likewise at Calleva, on the zip line, we had to dig deep down inside of ourselves to conquer or fear and try something new.  The final clip is at the raised bed garden we have maintained for the past 3 years.  The signs read, "Together we grow." On the rails course at Calleva we worked on our communication and problem solving skills with each other.  Thank you Calleva for this wonderful experience!!!



Nanci Reyes
05/21/2013 7:18am

Calleva was a wonderful experience! :) We show how much we trusted each other, and how well we work in a group. The rails were a good way to help out each other and tell when someone needs help even if we aren't talking. Zip lining was also a good way to support each other to do things that we won't normally do. overall I had a amazing time at Calleva and would like to do it again in the future! :D

05/24/2013 6:40am

Calleva was a fun trip to go as classmates. In the trip we we learned that you could work better as a team. we learned in the balance game that we can trust each other and support each other even if we made mistakes.

Aleka Sobredo
05/24/2013 6:42am

calleva was a really awesome trip. My favorite part of this trip was zip lining because it was such a great experience it was my first time zip lining. the rails is a great way to learn team work. it was a really great expeerience. Thank you Ms. Venti for the great trip, i will always remember that trip

05/24/2013 6:52am

yeh i agree with aleka since it was my first time i was scared i did not know how it was going to feel i thought it was going to feel scary but i just went and it turned out real fun and that is what made special for me.

Roxana Henriquez
06/03/2013 6:04am

I liked Calleva because we communicated and we help each other. The zip lining was a good experience face you fears. Yamileth was very scared and she stayed still like 5 minutes and all her friends said good things to her. The rails was a good experience because we communicated to each other and gave a hand to each other. In the farm we work to take the weeds from the soil.


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